What is Hemp Oil


What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is created by extracting the oil from the seeds or stalk of a hemp plant. It may or may not contain CBD, and it will have very little to no THC. The oil itself can vary in colour, appearing clear, light green, or dark. Hemp oil is very rich in the nutrients that our bodies need. In particular, it has the kind of healthy fatty acid profile that doctors recommend for proper nutrition.

Hemp Oil Uses

The health benefits of hemp oil range from skin care to cardiovascular health. It can be used directly on the skin to treat conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. The fatty acids and vitamin E keep your skin hydrated and balanced. Ingesting hemp oil can help prevent inflammation in the brain as well as maintaining your heart health and a proper blood pressure. The reason for this is the amazing fatty acid profile in hemp oil. It contains 75% of all essential fatty acids, while having a very low amount of saturated fat as compared with other oils. When hemp oil contains CBD, it can do all of the above as well as treat pain, anxiety, and muscle tension. 


How to Take Hemp Oil
When trying hemp oil, as with any new supplement or vitamin, one should proceed slowly. Try only small amounts at a time until you find the correct dose for your needs.

For skin conditions and muscle pain, hemp oil can be massaged directly into the skin over the problematic area. Hemp oil can also be eaten. Raw is recommended, as it is sensitive to high heat. Try it in a healthy smoothie or sprinkled over a salad. Some forms of hemp oil can be inhaled with a vape pen, or even as a sublingual that melts under your tongue.

Hemp oil is a natural and safe way to combat many common health problems. It is versatile in its benefits and methods of delivery. Our store provides only the highest quality, all natural, pure hemp oil for your needs.